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SFN Network Requirements
Please read the following requirements before submitting an application for inclusion in the Soccer Fans Network.

  • Your site must receive a minimum of 30,000 monthly pageviews to be considered. Despite the fact that we work hard to promote network sites, the sites themselves must have been established on the internet. Seeing that you have done a good amount of work to build and promote your site gives us further encouragement to accept you into the network.

  • Your site must be suitable for all ages. Although the Soccer Fans Network believes in freedom of speech, there is a limit to this freedom. Your site should be suitable to the general internet audience, which these days is getting younger.

  • Your site should be rich in content and design. If a site has a brilliant layout but a dearth of content, chances for acceptance are slim. As the saying goes, "Content is king."

  • Your site must be updated continuously. A site that is not updated regularly drives repeat visitors away.

  • All members of the Soccer Fans Network must display a network ad (banner) on their page. The rate you will earn depends on the current market rates, but you will be generously compensated, thus guaranteeing revenue for your website.

  • Your site should present originality. Although we understand that there is a high level of competition on the internet due to a growing web presence, we are looking for sites that go the extra mile to add something original to the website. Original sites have more potential to grow than sites that only offer the usual.

  • You must show drive, hard work, and perseverance. This can generally be seen through your work, but the webmaster must remain determined to succeed ad infinitum. The Soccer Fans Network boasts sites that strive to be the best in their genre.

  • Last but not least, sites in the Soccer Fans Network must be proud to be part of such. Pride in one's work and "associations" gives one confidence and the urge to keep going and work even harder. Members must display text on every page as well as place a button on their main page to show their association with the network. Buttons are available in 115x25 and 120x60 format. Examples of the text are: "SiteName is proud to be part of the Soccer Fans Network" or "SiteName is a member of the Soccer Fans Network."

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